Julius understands how vital education is to building and maintaining a successful life. As a father of two children currently attending high school and college in Baltimore City, he is also aware of the current challenges inner city youth face academically, financially and socially to obtaining a high school diploma and college degree. Where Julius lives, only 7% of the residents graduated high school or have attended college. That number continues to decrease for those who have a college. This is an issue Julius is resolute on championing. He knows that positioning his neighbors with access to educational and vocational classes will lead to greater financial power through jobs and a reduction in crime.




The current median household income where Julius lives is $26, of the lowest in the State of Maryland. The unemployment rate is at 15%. These are staggering and unacceptable statistics. But despite them, Julius believes in economic empowerment for the people of East Baltimore. One of his top priorities is to bring quality, decent paying jobs not only to the 45th District but to the people that live in it. When the Horseshoe Casino announced its plan to recruit employees from Baltimore City, Julius ensured that people in his community would have the opportunity to be considered. He coordinated a career fair at the Berea Community Recreation Center with the casino in January 2014 . At that time, he met with the manager of Horseshoe and persuaded him to change the company's hiring policy excluding candidates with a G.E.D. This modification widened the pool of possible qualified East Baltimore residents for positions. Julius will take the same drive and conviction to Annapolis to campaign on the behalf of the people of East Baltimore to secure gainful employment that will instill pride, confidence and financial stability.